Taliban and Al-Qaeda

Captured Jundullah leader confirms US sponsorship of exporting terror is Iran

Dr. Israr Ahmed- Malakand, Pakistan Taliban and role of Pak army and government

Dr. Israr Ahmed- Swat main baghawat

Dr. Israr Ahmed- Malakand is part of Khorasan and truth about Ghazawatul hind hadith

In coalition of Kufr

The Truth Behind Taliban

Paul Watson on Alex Jones Show on Destabilization of The World Using”The Taliban/Al-Qaeda Forces”

Alqaeda exists because of injustice in MiddleEast- Robert Frisk

Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones Show on CIA-Funded Jundullah Terror Group

Webster Tarpley- US hidden hand in war mongering

Gen Hamid Gul on Alex Jones Show

Gen Hamid Gul with Aljazeera

Al Qaeda denies killing civilians in Pakistan

Blackwater responsible for Peshawar bombings

Blackwater and the bombings in Pakistan

Gen Mirza Aslam Baig- Pakistan’s military dictatorship traded blood of martyrs

Gen Hamid Gul- Pakistan is majbooristan and has weak eiman

Brig (R) Amir Sultan Tarar A.K.A. Col Imam talking about Taliban

Khalid Khwaja- Nationalism or assbiyat in Muslims has led us to our current situation

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