Intelligence agencies behind terrorism: Edhi

February 21, 2010 at 3:26 pm (Pakistan, Politics) (, )

By Shahid Husain

Source: The News

Eminent social worker Abdus Sattar Edhi says that it was not the Taliban but the Intelligence agencies, including foreign Intelligence agencies that were responsible for most of the acts of terrorism in the countrty.

“I launched a peace mission some two months ago and went to Waziristan, Swat and other war-torn areas of Pakistan and the Taliban told me they respected me a lot and were not involved in terrorist activities in the country,” Edhi told The News.

“The Taliban were present when I addressed a news conference at Tank Press Club. They said, “You are the servant of the God and we have no dispute with you. We are only against oppressors”, he said.

Edhi said somehow Intelligence people knew that the Taliban were also present at his press conference. Their minions, he said, reached the venue of the Press conference and told him of a Taliban plan to “kidnap me” and asked me to leave the place at the earliest.

“The army people didn’t allow me to stay at the Tank press club and shifted me to Dera Ismael Khan but there too I was not allowed to speak,” he said.

“I think Intelligence agencies, including foreign Intelligence agencies, are mostly involved in acts of terrorism in the country”, he opined.

“Everybody loves Edhi because my job is to serve everybody. I am only against selfish capitalists”, he said.

“The Talban said to me ‘you work for God and for mankind’. They also said it was the United States that was involved in acts of terrorism in Pakistan”, Edhi said.

He said certain elements who were backed by “selfish capitalists” accused him of misappropriation of funds, claimed he was a womaniser and drunkard but he never cared because had he been deterred by such accusations, he would have not succeeded in serving humanity.

“Nobody is more cruel than these selfish capitalists,” he said. “They are involved in tax evasion and other crimes”, he said.

He said he was present at the Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) when the second bomb went off on Chehlum Day and Edhi ambulances were damaged.

“Four of my ambulances were totally destroyed while six others were damaged when a bomb blast took place at JPMC but they absorbed the shock, otherwise there would have been more casualties,” he said.

“It was my son Faisal Edhi who spotted the TV monitor at JPMC and when he tried to lift it he found it was too heavy. He became suspicious and opened it with screw driver and found explosive material in it,” Edhi said.

“The bomb disposal expert ran away immediately when explosive material was found in the TV monitor,” Edhi said.


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    And this is one of the way i can agree too. But In other way that’s truely hard to take chance for it, if you now what i mean. Regards

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