Sheikh Imran Hosein- Iqbal and Pakistan’s Moment of Truth

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By Sheikh Imran Hosein

Time is running out for Pakistan. Scholars of Islam have a duty to prepare Muslims for destructive attacks that are soon to be launched which will target not only Pakistan but perhaps, Turkey and Iran as well. Those who control power in Britain, USA, and Israel, and who now have a strategic ally in India, are already waging unjust war on Islam and Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere, but most of all in the Holy Land (otherwise known as Palestine). Their ruthlessness is such that they would wage war even upon their own people if such were deemed to be necessary. The 9/11 terrorist attack on America which killed thousands of innocent people was an ominous example of what they are capable of doing. Their goal is to deliver to Israel the rule over the whole world, and this cannot be achieved so long as Pakistan possesses nuclear military power. The recent US military occupation of Haiti in consequence of a massive earthquake for which the US Armed Forces seem to have been mysteriously prepared (right down to drills conducted on the very eve of the earthquake) displays for the umpteenth time the extent to which they would commit monstrously evil deeds in pursuit of goals such as the overthrow of Venezuela’s courageous government.

In order to prepare Muslims for the coming days of unprecedented and unimaginable trials and tribulations, Islamic scholarship must acquire a clear and firm grasp of the reality of the modern age and of the end of history. I have made a very humble effort to address that subject in books such as Jerusalem in the Qur’ān, the first three books in my Surah al-Kahf quartet (the fourth is now being written) and my booklet entitled The Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham – Islam and the Future of Money, as well as in lectures such as Islam and the End of History. Time will soon tell whether or not my explanation is valid, and critics should note that events are already unfolding which confirm this explanation.

There are many obstacles which will have to be surmounted if contemporary Islamic scholarship is to explain the grand evil design with which history now appears to be ending. Not least of these are obstacles in respect of methodology for recognizing and understanding the Quranic guidance that explains the reality of the modern age, as well as for assessing the authenticity of Ahadīth and of visions in relation to the end times.

  • What methodology did Ibn Khaldūn and Iqbāl use with which to reject the Ahadīth concerning the advent of Imām a-Mahdi? The authenticity of these Ahadīth has not only been universally accepted all through our history, but they are also crucially important for recognizing (in Islam’s conception of the end of history) the fate which awaits western political secularism and its modern model of a state. The Ahadīth concerning the advent of Imām al-Mahdi are inseparably linked to the release of Gog and Magog into the world, the advent of Dajjāl the false Messiah, the return of Jesus the son of Mary (‘alaihi al-Salaam), and the restoration of both the Islamic Caliphate and Dār al-Islām.
  • Was the Prophet’s prophecy that “you will conquer Constantinople” fulfilled in 1453, or has he also prophesied an end-time conquest of that city that will result in its liberation from the present NATO (hence Anglo-American-Israeli) military control?
  • What is the authenticity of Ahadīth prophesying an end-time Muslim conquest of India?
  • How do we respond to the news which has been widely spread that someone saw Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) in a dream warning that Pakistan’s end was near – but that the recitation of Sūrah al-Shams of the Qur’ān can save Pakistan?
  • To which Pakistan did the dream direct attention? Was it the ‘American’ republic of Pakistan whose political and military leaders have been dancing for the longest while (and are still dancing to this day) to every fraudulent tune that comes out of Washington? Was it that Pakistan which has consistently deceived the devoted Pakistani Muslim masses with its claim to be an Islamic Republic, while shamelessly banning (at Washington’s behest) non-Pakistani Muslim students from studying Islam in Pakistan?  Or was it the other Pakistan which, since 1947, has remained a dream in the hearts of the sincere followers of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) and will continue to be a dream until such time when the Muslim masses can get rid of their present political and military leaders?

This essay asks: can the recitation of Surah al-Shams of the blessed Qur’ān, or the passionate beating of Iqbalian drums, save that ‘American’ Pakistan from a fate that was long-scripted for it in Washington, London, Jerusalem and New Delhi?  It also asks: how will a possible break-up of that Pakistan impact on the dream of Muslim Pakistanis?

But most importantly of all this essay asks whether the modern State as envisaged by Iqbal was, or can ever be, a substitute for the Islamic Caliphate (Khilafat)?

I wrote the first text of this essay 12 years ago in 1998 when I left New York to reside for a few months in Lahore, Pakistan. Since then the essay was published several times with the title ‘Iqbāl, the Sufi epistemology and the end of history’. I am grateful to Muhammad Alamgir in Sydney who kindly assisted me in editing the present text of the essay.


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