Drone attacks on Pakistan- 21st century warfare

January 28, 2010 at 8:50 pm (Uncategorized)


In Pakistan attacks by unmanned US drones have increased dramatically since Barack Obama came to office. In 2009 it’s believed there were between 45 and 53 drone attacks on militant targets near the border with Afghanistan. So far this year there are reports of around a dozen already. For the US it’s a way to fight the Taliban without major incursion and without risking the loss of American lives but in Pakistan the attacks are hugely unpopular and fueling public anger

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  1. manoliu valentin said,

    Hitlerism, Communism and Terrorism by Zionism

    Military attacks and terrorist attacks on the surface of the Earth are caused by world Zionism, through NATO, GRU, CIA, Mossad, SAS, FSB-KGB, DST, MAD, Cesis and others, economic and political destabilization for Colonization HEBREW worldwide.

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