US pressuring Pakistan on Afghan-India trade

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The Pakistan answer was NO. What part of NO don’t you understand.

Pakistan is being pressured to allow Afghan-India trade. When the American agriculture secretary came to Islamabad he came ostensibly to help Islamabad improve its agriculture–well now the actual intentions have been laid bare. The US wants to help Bharat (aka India) trade with Afghanistan and beyond. The once totally compliant government of Mr. Asif Zardari has gathered some gumption and is resisting US pressure. The PPPP knows fully well that an obsequious behaviour will confirm certain defeat at the polls. Recenty Mr. Zardari has resurrected Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s slogan–we will fight a thousand years to liberate Kashmir. This from the lips of a man who in the first week of his presidency had said that Pakistanis and Indians should put Kashmir on the back burner and that the next generations should look at Kashmir.

That was then, and this is now.

Now President Zardari says that Pakistan is duty bound to liberate Kashmir.

So how will Mr. Zardari deal with the US pressure. In private he will blame the ISI and the Army for not agreeing. In public he will either stay quiet or speak up against the transit trade.

WASHINGTON: The United States is pushing Pakistan to allow Afghan agricultural products to pass through its territory to India, says US Agriculture Sectary Tom Vilsack.

“We hope to be able to conclude that agreement in the very near future,” Mr Vilsack told journalists in Washington during a teleconference from Kabul.

He said the US effort to convince Pakistan to open the trade route was part of its plan to revive the once-prosperous and export-oriented farm industry of the land-locked country.

Diplomatic observers in Washington, however, described this as a major challenge for the United States, given Pakistan’s reluctance to allowing India direct access to Afghanistan.

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack also acknowledged that this would be a challenging task but the US wanted to make sure it was doing all it could to promote exports for Afghanistan, particularly to India – which was their main customer.

Achieving this target “requires working in a trilateral way with the Pakistani and the Afghans to try to develop an agreement in which the Afghan goods can freely travel across Pakistan to India”, he added.

“In time there are also issues relating to security, which is why it’s obviously important to have (a US) military presence there,” he observed. “And that presence is already making a difference in a number of areas.”

Mr Vilsack said that the US was keen on reopening the Afghan trade route to India because it believed that “in the long run, stabilisation and re-development of Afghanistan’s agriculture sector is what will create opportunity. It is what will create jobs. It is what will create wealth and stability in this country”.

This is the first trip of a US Agriculture Secretary to Afghanistan of late as part of Washington’s efforts to give a fresh impetus to rebuild that country’s agricultural economy.

A few weeks ago, Pakistan had allowed 60 Afghan trucks to rumble through Pakistan—but stop at the Afghan border. Bharati trucks would not be allowed through Pakistan. Now the US is trying to reverse that Pakistani decision.



  1. pakistanfront said,


    The real motive of USA is to make Pakistan a sandwich between India and its forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan must not grant any such permission, even if the dispute of Kashmir resolved.

    USA know very well and infact it is providing full sport to the indian intelligence agencies to conduct terrorists mission inside Pakistan. The so called Taliban are infact Indian and American terrorists group, whose sole purpose is to destablise Pakistan and force to accept conditions, which will compromise the national security and sovereignity.


    Sajjad Ahmad

  2. pakpatriot said,

    WalaikumSalam Sajjad,

    I agree with you 100%….. The only problem is that a huge chunk of pakistani population has been brain washed by media and does not see through the pakistan taliban deception….

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