Democracy-The Elected Dictatorship

January 12, 2010 at 4:58 pm (Governance, Islam, Khilafa) (, , , )

By Komal Hashmi

Democracy is a political system in which government is either carried out by the people (direct democracy), or the power to govern is granted to elected representatives (republicanism). It has essentially two basic principles, equality and freedom. All citizens of a democratic state have equality before the law and equality in access to power, they also have certain legitimized freedoms and liberties, which are generally protected by a constitution.


The majority rule is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy, but without a responsible government or constitutional protection of an individual’s liberties from democratic power, it is possible for dissenting individuals to be oppressed by the tyranny of the majority. Unfortunately, present day elected democracies not only suppress dissent but also fail to provide and serve the majority they claim to represent.

 Television and press, created to be channels of  expression of public opinion have regressed to media of propoganda for the rulers, used and abused by the governing bodies and a group of elites who shape mass opinion by repetition of lies to such an extent that falsehood seems true while truth is bullied into oblivion. The skewed news and views presented through network and press obscure reality, providing selective information and omiting facts that donot support a particular political agenda.

What puzzles me is the deliberate half sightedness of certain pseudo-intellectuals we see on television, who volunteer their expertise in matters they are not expert at, and present contorted facts to misguide the viewer about the reality of matter. What is even more infuriating is their commentary against national interest of Pakistan and Muslim Ummah at large. Either these intellectuals are brought up in a self deprived world and have been fed to malign their country, or their loyalties are bought for greener pastures so that they keep promoting hopelessness among their fellow countrymen. On the other hand, public in general, parrots whatever media feeds them, instead of using their personal intellect to rationalize and derive a conclusion in light of current events and situations. The emotional speeches of politicians bypass their analytical capabilities and settle in their subconscious, upon which they act spontaneously, as if hypnotized. Due to the rapidly spreading despair and wave of terrorism, and war looming over their heads, the slightest flicker of light and hope attracts people like a flame attracts a moth and they readily sacrifice their existence to experience the taste of that flame of hope.

In recent times, the democracy doctrine has blindfolded people. Incessantly watching television has hindered their ability to think for themselves. To make matters worst, our channels and press are overflowing with highbrows who decorate democracy for all the achievements of modern world. Are they not aware of the riggings, delayed justice, moral demise and corruption that make up the canvas of this system owing to the unbridled liberties it offers? Do they forget the extortions, mass murders and destruction these democracies have gifted this globe with?

Democracy does not suit Pakistan socially and economically. The moral relapse it brings with its secular ideals and un-moderated liberties is incompatible with Islamic principles and morals. Pakistan has tried this system several times and has a history of economic decline during its periods of democracy. Pakistan’s recent economic statistics reflect this phenomenon very clearly. According to Economic Survey 2008-09, Pakistan’s economy grew by a mere 2.0 percent, barely keeping pace with population growth. The growth fell significantly short of the 4.5 percent target for the year, which was already very modest compared with an average of 7% economic growth witnessed from 2001-2008 (era of military dictatorship). In interest of our well being and progress we should reject the western concepts of governance and tabulate a home grown system, which is better in sync with our social and religious values.

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