Cults among the Muslims- MIRAAJ or MIRAGE.

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By Hesham Syed

A few facts about Yusuf Ali (Lahore) who claimed himself to be the continuity of Muhammed ( saw ) but was assassinated in Adwala jail in Rawalpindi Pakistan by one of Sipah Sahaba member imprisoned with him in the same jail in 2000.

[ Based on personal meeting and observations made by Hesham A Syed ]


1. For those who do not know me , let me first give you my brief back ground :

My professional qualification is of Engineering and of Business & Project Management – I have been setting up Business and Industrial Projects and managing many reputed Trade and Industrial Companies and Financial institution in senior most management positions in different part of the world beside Pakistan .I have carried out self driven studies on literature , science , socio political culture , economics and almost all religions as well as of various cults around the world. Beside a deep rooted religious environment I had inherited ,I have embraced Islam with all my consciousness and of course with the Taufiq and Hidayat of Allah ( swt ), as the only course in life to follow .The love of Allah ( swt ) and His Prophets or Messengers specially the foremost , supreme most and final most Muhammed ( saw ) and for all those who have this tie and link called Wali-Allah is impregnated in me .This is again Allah’s ( swt ) bounty and blessing and I will never like to compromise on this at any cost with all my humility and thankfulness to Him alone – Alhamdo li Allah and Ashkar Allah.

I am a writer , poet and a free lance journalist also.

I have no formal association or affiliation with any religious or non religious or political party or any agency – I write and express myself independantly and truthfully on any subject.

1.I met Yusuf Ali when I was living in Lahore and working as a General Manager with PEL + PAL the two industries of Saigols group in 1994.

2. I met him through the courtesy of JZ .

3. Yusuf Ali came to JZ house where I met him for the first time – We sat on a dining table – Along with him were another Pakistani person ( I was told he is settled in Norway if I remember correctly ) and a Pakistani girl ( I forgot both of their names ).

In the first meeting itself Yusuf after a casual introduction , discussed Sufism and told me that his status as of that day was of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani ( rahama alaih ) commonly known as Ghausul Azam. { Later I learnt his strides made him excel even Muhammed ( saw ) }. He recited one of his English poem to me possibly knowing about my poetic inclination and we talked about love of Prophet ( saw ) then he told me that “ I like to congratulate you that You ( Hesham Ahmed Syed ) will meet Muhammed ( saw ) in person , physically with your open eyes just like you are seeing ME now ” . {Quite honestly I felt that very moment that he is actually telling me that he is Muhammed (saw )– My sixth sense , fire wall and virus protection or filter to such a claim started working simultaneously and I could only reply to him – “Thanks to Allah ( swt ), if that is what is destined ”– How ever I felt uncomfortable also that why he has to push himself to prove his importance so much because this was an impression unlike of all the genuine Wali-Allah and Saints I have read about and known in person among the Soofi clan – I also felt a bit disappointed that he made a wrong assessment or evaluation of me }.

I found out later , that this was his most affective trick to pull people in to his clan or group – Muslim in general out of their love to Muhammed ( saw ) have been and can be wrongly exploited emotionally until and unless a balance state of mind prevails and one is disciplined to think every thing rationally and in light of the teachings of Muhammed (saw) ie Quran and Sunnah or Hadeeth – Emotional attachment to Muhammed ( saw ) is the most powerful tool to be used to inculcate and propagate positive attributes in a human being but Satanic people also have used it for their vested interest.( Afraat aur Tafreet doanoaN hee khatarnaak hathiaar haiN MuslamanoaN ko gumraah karney key liey – Afraat is making Muhammed ( saw ) as Allah ( swt ) Himself and Tafreet is lowering his status given by Allah – Baad az Khuda buzurg Tooyee Qissa Mukhtasar.

A distinction between the Creator and Created , an Atta vs Moatee has to be clearly understood.

4. Further meetings with Yusuf Ali also was arranged obviously on his instruction to JZ in Lahore and I also reciprocated with kind wishes to him and with the idea to exchange views to put things on right track , learn and make him learn but he had his own bent of mind and would not listen to any other point of view but his own self. I also visited his small house ( prior to his moving to Defense housing society which I was told was an expensive buy out with electronics gadgets etc fixed in it for surveillance etc – wa-Allah o alam ). Later meetings took place one time in Karachi on some one house I did not know where there was a big crowd and a few meetings took place with him in ZZ apartment in Rawalpindi.

The crowd of young or middle aged , Men or Women , Students , Married or Non married gathered in such meeting in the same room , I found them seated there and looking at him under a magical spell and I have also seen male members kissing his hands bowing in front of him and Male or Female prayed behind him as if they were praying behind Muhammed ( saw ) – this feeling was confided in me by one of his mureed or devotee.

5. Twice Yusuf met me in isolation , in a room as he desired , one time when I met him in Karachi and one time at ZZ apartment in Rawalpindi – where he told me that I should give him 25 lakhs of rupees ( which was a whole some of money in 199 4 or 1995 ) and in return he will make me meet Muhammed ( saw ) physically – He would read some thing on sweets he kept with him blow on it and ask me to eat and I would gladly eat it reciting BismiAllah without any fear with the conviction that nothing will go wrong to me as long as Allah ( swt ) is protecting me. How ever I wanted to experience all this out of my curiosity and wanted to know more in depth of this new Cult in the making.

# To pull me on his side in private meetings he told me that Muhammed ( saw ) has asked him ( Yusuf ) to take special care of me and serve me well – He further said to me that I ( Hesham ) was already at Sidratul Muntahaa and only one step will take me to Miraaj to meet Muhammed ( saw ) physically and all this one step was minimum 25 lakhs of rupees to be given to Yusuf { interesting trade off isn’t it ? . I was amazed of his audacity and for the first time in my life I was faced with a situation where spiritual upbringing or elevation or transcending was being traded – Muhammed ( saw ) all his life struggled , and delivered Allah’s message selflessly with all the humility and modesty , never asked any one in return of his blessings & services he offered to all without any discrimination and have always been at the giving end–and now what sort of re-incarnation was this ? }.

# He also indicated to me that I excel spiritually in the entire group even from ZZ ,and I will have a higher status than any one in his group if I walk in. He also told me to have one room exclusively reserved for him in my house as his core devotees did , so that he could come and stay there , carry out private meetings or may be use it as another Ghaarey Hira ,wa-Alla ho alam. I have never mentioned these private conversations Yusuf carried out with me ever before to ZZ or JZ or to any one in his group till if they read it now. Even if I did it would not have changed any of them as they were completely possessed – And may be because what ever he said about my spiritual status did not make any sense to me and I preferred to continue living as an obedient servant of Allah ( swt ) and as a devotee and a true lover of Muhammed ( saw ) whose respect and integrity has always meant to me more than my life.

# He also mentioned to me that his wife is the most beautiful woman he has seen , how ever it is over flowing love for all devotees and if any woman on her own offers herself to me how can I help { I quite did not understand this at that time specially from a person who happens to be claiming of such a high spiritual caliber or status to the extent of presenting himself as Muhammed ( saw ) to his sahabaas or devotees / mureed of-course – For me such a thing was not even conceived even by any normal person with basic moral standard }.

# All what I was experiencing was like a child play to me , amazing and frustrating at the same time that how can this disillusioned person misguide so many apparently educated male and female around him as his devotees but the answer is simple – Hidayat is minAllah and most of these people were engulfed due to their love of Prophet ( saw ) and not having a proper guide or Murshid to them to put them back on right track.

6. The demand of such Nazrana or Gift or a price to meet Muhammed ( saw ) physically started right in Lahore during my initial meeting itself – otherwise he said to know the Haqeeqat it requires a few lakhs of recitation of Durood o Salam which would have taken ages , so a pay off to him was the payment meaning to Muhammed ( saw ) himself – What a mockery and insult this was to our beloved Prophet ( saw ) – A complete paradox and contrast to Muammed ( saw ) personal attributes – AstghfarAllah.

# In Lahore, first he demanded a fully loaded Toyota Car and later he switched to buying a house for him in Defense Housing Scheme – He also showed me a few land papers a few of his devotees had given to him to prove their devotion to Muhammed ( saw ) or to him in pursuit of the Haqeeqat he wanted to reveal.

On one occasion in Lahore he gave me his personal bank account no also in foreign currency account which some how or other I lost , which I regret very much other wise this could have been another proof – may be all this was making me suspicious and I never took him seriously to even save the account no , thanks to Allah ( swt ).

He possibly thought that as I have lived in Saudi Arabia or Gulf countries for many years and have served at higher positions , I must have over flowing bank balance. He would repeatedly ask me of my balance of account but knowing of his intention I would normally avoid to answer this query – he did not realize that an honest person has to live on day to day or month to month basis with the liabilities & family responsibility around him or her.

Never the less , those who had fallen to his prey I was told they did pay for a house for him in Defense in Lahore , and for a fully loaded car and what not I have heard and read about all the non sense to reach Miraaj ie taking him as Muhammed ( saw ) and seeing him means seeing Allah ( swt ) in human uniform – In poetic words , Nazar Aa libaasey majaaz meiN- AstaghfarAllah.

7. His demand of money or substance was not the only thing which was making me suspicious but his knowledge of Islam, Quran , Hadeeth or even of Tasawuff was questionable – Of course he would openly say that all translations and tafseers are wrong and only he knew the Haqeeqat of Allah ( swt ) and Rasool or Muhammed ( saw ) which his devotees will take it for granted and hail him in very high esteem but all this bothered me a great deal and I started parting away from him cautioning others as well. I never found his interpretation or what ever he was saying or writing as a columnist during those days in an Urdu paper Pakistan in Lahore, intellectually stimulating or of any clarity of vision but it was jugglery of words used for deception , neither it was of any caliber of even saintly writing or verses or expression I had and have gone through but I could hear all praises of his knowledge and eloquence from his core devotees.

His core devotees I knew of were like just His Master Voice in thinking and some time adopted even his style of speech , selecting the same pattern of words and sentences.

# A few of his responses to my queries were direct Shirk.- for example while discussing Prophet Issa / Jesus ( pbuh ) with me in a gathering he said that people calling Jesus son of God is wrong but if they called him God it is right and I was shocked to hear this from him and that day only I knew where to he is leading his devotees. The Quran is so clear on the subject but obviously Yusuf had his own Quran or of it’s new interpretation and philosophy to offer.

# Beside, in all this process I was confused , unable to understand or find any Mission or Objective of this new group in making , worth while to be associated with – Why should one take him for Khalifaey Azam or what ever he claimed – what this group is heading for I will always question. All prophets and messengers of Allah ( swt ) had a mission and objective up to the finality of Muhammed ( saw ) , so where was the mission for Yusuf even if one take him as a leader or a person who may revive Daurey Khilafat , other than just throwing spell on others and enjoying the gift by his blind folded devotees or a religious loot through emotional exploitation – The only thing which I was told is that just stick around with Yusuf and be blessed that is a Miraaj itself , and from some corner it was also mentioned that they were preparing for Ghuzwatul Hind as per one of the prophecies of Prophet Muhammed ( saw ) and Yusuf also one time offered greetings to me that I will participate in this Ghuzwah. (possibly till the time he had a hope that I will pay him the whole some amount what he demanded which obviously did not materialize – ashkur Allah ).

# Further more , It gave me also a warning signal as why to gain popularity Yusuf desperately and wrongly propagates his close & long association with Abul Ala Maudoodi , or WAMY or any other political or religious person or institution when he claims to have been given the status of Niabatey Rasool and Khilafte Uzma by the Prophet Muhammed ( saw ) himself through a saint died 300 years ago ie Abdullah Ghazi ( alai rahma ) – What is any body’s status to compare with Muhammed ( saw ) ?

# Let us also ponder that if Muhammed ( saw ) is Allah ( swt ) Himself and Jesus ( pbuh ) or any other prophets carried the personal Noor of Allah in human uniform then why was it not revealed this way – and Quranic revelation + teaching of Muhammed ( saw ) differentiates this – Since when another Wahie than Wahie Matlui and Ghair Matlui was sent to other than Muhammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Mutaalib – and is it not a mockery of Allah ( swt ) and His Rasool ( saw ) that they had hidden all this till now and Yusuf and his like before along with their core devotees only could know this Haqeeqat – Was or Is Allah ( swt ) afraid of any one not to reveal this – ( aoozobiAllah ) – What a satanic inclusion and intrusion.

A Quranic verse was referred to prove their point which again was quoted out of context – Those who use Quranic verse from any where and apply any where to suit them without caring for the cause of it’s revelation make blunders in it’s interpretation – I have found this happening with many so called scholars also.

Such an innovation and amalgamation have always been done in other revelations of Allah ( swt ) before Quran ( which is under His direct protection ) , but satanic people will never fail to attempt to create doubts in Quran as well and by interpreting it different and contrary to Muhammed ( saw ) teachings and actions.

# Support of Hadees : I heard from one of Yusuf devotee about a Riwaiyat referred to Abu Huraira( ra ) that he said to a few Sahabas as if he knew this Haqeeqat that Muhammed ( saw ) is the Allah ( swt ) himself but if he said it openly the sahabaas will kill him so he kept it to himself – Can any one imagine the blasphemy this statement or riwaiyat carries to even Abu Hurairah ( ra ) and Muhammed ( saw ) and Allah ( swt ) -This obviously has been fabricated and falls in to the category of Innovative ( Maodou ) Hadees which must be at once rejected than capitalizing on this and creating a fitna or a cult.

8. My inhibitions, and resistance to meet Yusuf demand obviously with the passage of time placed me in a circle outside of him but I continued giving my advices to a few of his devotees I knew , that they have to be careful and cautious – they were following a very dangerous path and this has nothing to do with Islam and Tasawuff . The whole thing was a hoax to me leading to another cult and derailment from the clear path of Islam and against the teaching of our beloved Prophet ( saw ).I did consult a few mature , religious people and even from Soofi clan and they all confirmed my suspicion about him and thought that he could be an Aamil who has acquired a few magical spell to throw it on people and make them his devotees – wa-Allah o alam.

After I moved and settled in Canada – I learnt that a case was filed against him by the Majlisey Tahffuze Nabuwat and I could see Yusuf was heading for the end of his Tasalsul of Muhammed ( saw ) or being at the seat of Khilafate Uzma or Mahdiat. na-ozobiAllah.

9. It may not be out of place to mention that I know parents of ZZ and JZ and in-laws of ZZ and of their other relations who come from very respectable family and are straight forward practicing Muslims – They showed a lot of concern and anxiety to me to the way Yusuf was misleading their children and family members and Z + J parents in tears requested me to help the situation , so did ZZ’s father in law told me to counsel them – which I tried and even when I was in Canada and when Yusuf trial was going on in Pakistan I had been writing to ZZ & JZ to make Yusuf do Tauba & Istaghfar and submit to Allah ( swt ). I even wrote to ZZ what I dreamt about Yusuf which clearly indicated to me that he will face humiliation , insult & will be cursed but no heed was paid to my discourse and the devotees saw floods of Noor in Yusuf even in Jail – One can not change any one’s fate or destiny if he or she does not want to change – Quran says that, “ it is not the eyes only but hearts are blinded as well ’’.

10. The One Missing Link : Hazrat or Murshid of Yusuf : Who was he ?

On my one time visit to Yusuf’s small house in Lahore as mentioned , he told me that he has an associate older to him and he is like a Murshid , Guide and a Messenger to him who has informed Yusuf that now his status has excelled Shaeikh Abdul Qadir Gilanee and much beyond.Yusuf mentioned to me that all such saints like Sheikh Abdul Qadir carried the same Noor in them called Muhammed ( saw ) but now I ( Yusuf ) have been elevated at a higher status. The way Yusuf spoke of this man was like a Murshid or Sheikh to him but yusuf said that his Sheikh has even confirmed that I ( Yusuf ) is of higher status than him.

# I always wondered who was / is , this Man ? I never met him – I could not again remember his name – I asked ZZ and JZ about him but they told me not to worry – They said that they have met him , he comes some time but with no introduction , undisclosed and unidentified to many among the visitors. Is he still alive , living where ? Why during the trial he was not mentioned and brought to answer queries made about Yusuf – This could have shed more light on the whole thing. Is he the person who is the main culprit , mislead Yusuf and brought him to face what he eventually did. What sort of influence he still carries among the group members if there are any hidden members left ?

Beside , what is the back ground of Yusuf himself , where are his parents , in laws or any other relation – why they did not come on surface even during the trial and tribulation ?

11. What ever the association I have had with Yusuf ( met him only 5 or 6 times – 2 times in isolation in closed rooms and 4 times in small gathering , never attended his world assembly or any large meeting or his inner core meetings or attended to his sermons given in mosque ), and what ever I have observed , listened from the members of this group it was more of a research project and inquisitiveness for me to dig in if there was any thing special he had to say than I did not know of the philosophy of such cults but to my dismay there was nothing new to me , same old mysterious tales and statements in riddle for any one to keep guessing and conclude what ever he or she wants , an aura or a charisma of the Murshid beyond any doubt and with absolute authority entrusted upon.

# I learnt about Yusuf even more from an audio cassette of his world assembly recently posted at website , read about him in many papers , and knew of his back ground more from his devotees and in such cases the leaders or guides or Peers or Murshids are overly projected and given a status he or she does not posses or importance he or she does not deserve.

Kuch tto hoatey haiN muhabbat meiN junooN ke aasaar

Aur koch loag bhi deewanaa bana deitey haiN.

# Many of his devotees now after his assassination in Jail, I understand have reverted to Islam-Alhamdoli-Allah , Good luck to them and God bless them.

12. What I learnt directly from him and from his devotees and from other reliable sources, the summery of the basic few beliefs of this group were or are as follows :

1. Allah ( swt ) & Muhammed ( saw ) are the eternal noor and one and the same thing – This is what Yusuf and his like has said for centuries as Haqeeqatey Muhammadi.

2. The continuity of this Noor is unending – The same noor was in Adam ( alaihi assalam ) and all prophets or messengers and also in famous Wali-Allahs.

3. Muhammed bin Abdullah bin Mutallib was also a carrier of the same Noor.

4. The promised Mahdi or Imam will also carry the same Noor.

5. So Allah ( swt ) basically travels some time on this earth in human uniform naming Muhammed and this is a transformation of Haqeeqat to Majaaz.

13. Based on the above Yusuf ( which I consider was totally disillusioned and must have gone through illusionary process , having hallucinations ) called himself as Tasalsul of Muhammed , appeared in front of his close devotees as Muhammed , called himself Ana Muhammed , named some body’s house or the basement of his house as Ghaarey Hara , called his devotees as Sahabaas , called them all in superlative degree to bring excitement and thrill to them , played with their psyche to be loved and acknowledged for their more forceful attachment to him and by self counseling he must have been so convinced about what he desired to be that all his wishful thinking must be coming as a true dreams to him with open eyes and must also be hearing his voice of inner misguided self – artificially creating a similitude and comparing himself to Muhammed ( saw ) and his family and devotees as of Ahley Bait at-haar and Sahaabaas ( raa).

# By the way calling Baitey Yusuf Raza the house of one of his devotee as Gharey Hira in the world assembly speech ( I have no idea when was it carried out ) I heard recently on an audio cassette posted on website is again a wrong similitude as Ghaarey Hira was the place of meditation and receiving the divine revelation or message and not declaring the Prophet hood , neither any assembly was done at Ghaarey Hira – it was on the hills & valley of Faraan where Prophet ( saw ) assembled most of tribal leaders and his relation and declared himself publicly first time as the Prophet of God – I can understand Yusuf historical inadequacy of knowledge to link the event with proper place but what about his devotees ? None could correct him for his childish impulses ? This is the most hilarious audio cassette I have ever heard but it is so comprehensively recorded that it exposes him completely and this ONE proof itself is more than sufficient to declare him a Lunatic.

Text / Gist / Content of this Audio Cassette is as follows ( this is copied from a website ) :

Time Line
of the audio:
00:00 starts with Yousuf speech
02:08 there are 100 “sahabas” here sitting (in bait e raza!!) – Yusuf being Muhammed there.
04:20 introduces Abdul Wahid. a financer cum”sahabi”
05:30 Abdul Wahid (first “sahabi”) arrives to speak and declares Yusuf as God in human uniform. Libaasey Majaaz meiN.
07:20 yousuf kazzab introduces Zaid Zaman as “sahabi”
09:30 Zaid Zaman speaks to praise yousuf ali in response to his title as “sahabi” calling Yusuf as Mardey Momin.
10:10 Yousuf call bait e raza lahore similar to ghar e hira –

14:20 Yousuf says all the translations by ulama “naqis” and himself as Ataab / Sun.
15:00 Yousuf says “ALllah Muhammad all are one”- this is the Haqeeqat mentioned.
24:24 Yousuf announces all the participants as “jannati”. aap kee jannat pakki
26:40 apparent daughter fatimas marriage(”apparent” a special terminology used by yousuf to give similarity to Muhammad sallallaho laihe wasallam,sometimes he used to say “ana muhammad” i am his mureeds..naoozubillah).
47:33 2 and a half year old kid announced as having deedar of ALLAH the grandson of “sahabi” Mr Abdul Wahid .

50:40 Yousuf Kazzab says I can see muhammad everywhere .

14. But there is nothing to wonder ? Yusuf is not the only person in the history of human society to have claimed such a thing under the state of mental sickness.

# There are many notions driven out of the few basic beliefs mentioned above and many cults at all time have germinated and found their leaders and followers in all religions and even in Islam after revelations of final Wahee at the advent of the last Prophet (saw ).

# What this group believes is not some thing new neither it surprised me as I have learnt of many groups of distorted beliefs in the Muslim world naming only a few are :

# Muslamma Kazzab : Even during the physical eminence of Muhammed ( saw ) bin Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallib , this man declared himself sharing the Nabuwat and Imamat so a jihad was declared against him and his lakhs of followers by the Prophet himself and he was killed during the Khilafat of Abu Bakr ( ra ) by Khalid bin recorded in the books of history.

# Even after his killing in Yamama Najd war , many during his time and after him up to this date declared themselves as Mahdi , Promised Mesiah , Imam and continuity of Muhammed ( saw ) , Muhammed reincarnated and Mazharey Allah.

# Alawees – those who believe Hazrat Ali ( ra ) to be God himself – The founder Abdullah bin Sabah and his core followers were burnt to death on the order of Hazrat Ali ( ra ) himself during his Khilafat for creating and spreading such non sense and Shirk.

# A few chronic shiyaets group : who believe Hazrat Ali ( ra ) status is over and above Muhammed ( saw ) and consider it was angel Gibrael mistake to have given final prophethood to Muhammed ( saw ) instead of Ali ( ra ) – interesting that Allah all this time just kept on watching and did nothing to correct this mistake.

# Bahai Iran : Any one can read about them in books and various sites.

# Qadyanees Indian and Pak subcontinent : Mirza Ghulam who declared himself as Nabi and Mujaddid.

Submitters : Rashid Khalafa – Who declared himself as promised Rasool in Quran but refuted Mirza Ghulam as Nabi because Mirza claim was based on Hadeeth – he was assassinated by an unidentified person in the mosque he use to preach in USA.

# Agha Khan – Indo-Pak subcontinent : He is believed to be Mazharey Khuda – The physical eminence of God on this earth.

# Gauhar Shahee : Pakistan – he died a few years ago – he also called himself the promised Mesiah , Mehdi and even God – I have heard it directly from him.

His followers think Hazrat did not die but has gone to a long sleep and he will return again – Many books and websites are available also for this non-sense.

# I also happen to converse on phone with some one of Kuwaiti national from Canada who also followed the same line of thinking and he himself thought that he is Muhammed ( saw ) and wanted to produce another Quran , called Furqan – later I learnt that a book is published in the name of Furqan in Kuwait and distributed which is another attempt to distort Quranic teaching.

#There are more than 80 on record in the Arab and Non Arab , Asian and African muslim world who were / are self proclaimed Mehdi , promised Messiah , or Imam or Khalifa Azam or Greatest Insaan up to this time with accumulatively hundreds of thousands of followings of devotees even prepared to die for them and the finality of prophet hood or risalat Muhammed ( saw ) has always been challenged.

Satizah kaar rahaa hai azal sey taa amroaz

Chiraghey Mustafawee sey shararey boo-lahabi.

# In addition to Quran , a few clear Hadeeths – guidance and sayings of Prophet Muhammed ( saw ) will always stand guard to those who will follow the right path that ‘There will be more than 72 till the last day who will declare themselves as Prophets or Messenger of God after me but they all will be Kazebeen ( Liars ) – other than Hazrat Issah who is expected to descend during the time of the emergence of Imam Mehdi.

# Whether such distortions in Islam are made through Sufism , or through the philosophy of love and peace or through the slogans of Pluralism and Humanity or through refusal of authentic Hadeeth or by distorting Quran , or declaring that Quran is not complete , or undermining the status and respect of Muhammed (saw) or through any channel but Allah ( swt ) has taken on Himself to protect the attributes + integrity and respect of Muhammed ( saw ) and authenticity + sanctity of His final book Quran – Innal-Allah ala kulley shaeyan Qadeer.

15. Any one who claims to be Wali-Allah but at the same time bring himself or any one parallel to Muhammed ( saw ) or equal to him or better than him or over rule him or undermine Muhammed’s (saw) God given status can not be even a Muslim or Momin ,what to speak about Wali -Allah , Khalifa-ey Rasool or Khailafaye aazam or Mehdi or Imamey- waqt. Such a person can only be an imposter , a fraud and brings himself out of the fold of Islam by making such a satanic claim.

16. Iqbal or Sufi saint poems and verses : It has become customary that most of religious scholars, and so called intellectuals in Asiatic countries including Pakistan and India to enforce their process of thinking and to endorse their statement end up with quoting poet Iqbal couplets or of any saint’s verse like Bhulley Shah etc – But in religious basic issues any poetic verse if it is conflicting with Quran and Hadees or Sunna should not be made as a reference to support weird and wild or intoxicated thinking.

Poet is a poet and any other Philosopher or Thinker or Intellectual or even any great leader other than a Prophet of God only have their own weaknesses and can always commit mistakes in presenting the facts and quote captions or verses out of context or of percept. Those who do not consult and refer Quran and Hadees directly for making any decision in life , they are likely to be making wrong decision and be strayed.

# Now quoting a misra of Iqbal of his couplet of his poetic dream or trance and prayers : Kabhi aiey haqeeqatey muntazar nazar aa libaase majaz meiN to justify that finally Allah / Haq has transformed in to Majaaz ( in the human uniform of Yusuf or of any ) is a satanic interpretation and a blasphemy to Allah ( swt ).

Similarly saying that Nigaahey mardey moamin sey badal jaatee haiN taqdeeraiN and that Mardey Momin is Yusuf who himself was disillusioned just in one stroke of love took any one at the highest level of spiritualism is some thing which one should expect from a totally possessed mind living in a fools paradise.

Quran says : Do they think they have obliged Allah by accepting Islam and they will not be tested with hunger , loss of wealth , anxiety , humiliation , and other sufferings like nation before – If Allah did not give Hidayat and Taufiq , they would not have embraced Islam.

17. Please bear it in mind , that any community which does not develop institution and system to make progress decays very shortly as the personality cult and hero worship makes the thinking process erratic and unharmonious. The act of revolution has to be changed to Evolution for consistent rehabilitation,

improvement and progress.

Emotional Impulses aur sirf Naaraiey Mastana sey kaam naheeN banta – bulkey barrhee arq reiyzee karnee parrhtee hai Qaum aur Ummat ko banaaney meiN –

Prophet ( saw ) life example is for every one who did not rest a while up to the last moment before he left for the next world,and has been relentlessly building institutions and giving laws and systems for making a disciplined society. The universe and this world is also operating under Allah’s designed system – Kun fa ya Kun , also creates what ever God decides along with a system for it’s continuity and existence.

There are many Iqbal’s couplets more realistic and pragmatic to ponder upon viz :

Raha na halqaiey soofi meiN soazey mushtaaqi

Fasana haaiey karaamaat hi rah gaiey baaqi

Sahebey saaz ko laazim hai ke ghaafil na rahey

Gaahe Gaahe ghalat aahang bhi hoataa hai suroash.

ZabaaN ney kah bhi diya La-ilaah tto kia hasil

Dil o Nigaah MusalmaN naheeN tto kuch bh naheeN.

Who eik sajdah jisey ttoo giraaN samajhta hai

Hazaar sajdoaN sey deita hai aadmi ko nijaat.

18.Without passing any judgment and verdict to individual I want the readers themselves to analyze , the root cause of these problems which keeps on cropping up all the time.

#. How Cults germinates and who are the potential candidates ?

# I have had the opportunity to do a serious study on the development of religious Cults in human society and have gone through many books written by authentic Psychologist , Psychiatrist , Sociologist, and writers in different field of specialization including Religious scholars to understand the mechanism and environment for such an offshoot.

# A very brief summery is that , the inner self and desire to be loved , followed , acknowledged , recognized , to be some one special and not just be a commoner are with every one.

Ba qadrey paimaanaiey takhayul suroor har dil meiN hai Khudi ka

Agar na ho yeah fareyb paiham tto dam nikal jaaiey aadmi ka.

# But a few try to find a short cut and quick route to achieve their dream without going through proper education , guidance , training or discipline and this is what causes an unbalance in the social order of the society. Religion is some thing which is used as a tool very simple and affective as it appeals to all and relates with every one . Most of these cults starts with slogans like Love , Peace , Tranquility , Brother hood , Respect , Linkage with Higher Ups or World , Universality , Wandering on Skies , Planets , Higher goals , Spiritual Ecstasy , Denouncing earthly and materialistic things , but Once a Cult or a group is formed it starts showing it’s true face and a new culture germinates , tolerance and accommodation to others disappear. Earthly and Materialistic wealth , power and authority becomes the main objective and it is achieved by hook or by crook , through deception or through well thought strategy.

All these cults also capitalizes on the Fear of Unknown, Next world , Gap between Have and Have not , Power of Wealth and Authority.

Each of these Cult leaders will first associate themselves with true Prophets and Messengers or Saints or Wali-Allah but this is just a stepping stone and initial platform to gain popularity and attract people – ultimately the leaders will make their devotees worship him or her and the whole group get infected and inflicted by Personality Cult and all day & night long they will do Hero worship – They get so much obsessed and blind folded that the leader or Murshid becomes their God truly. And no wonder thereafter they cross all moral boundaries and rational thinking , offer every thing what they own , even they offer their wives , sisters , daughters , property , wealth to such a leader and Peer or Murshid or Imam but for what ? to gain the pleasure of being some one special , transcend to heaven or to reach a higher self realization by making their own and others life Hell here in this world.?

# The germination and development of Cult is normally an outcome of Psychological disorders and following is a brief list of those who posses one or more of these disorders and they could start , lead or get associated, hooked with Cults :

Addictive / Adjustment / Anxiety / Child hood or Upbringing / Depressive / Communication / Cognitive / Factitious / Learning / Impulsive / Mood / Personality / Psychotic / Sexual / Sleep / Substance Abuse / Trauma / Schizophrenia / Delusional / Cultural / etc.

# Please pay attention to these notes also :

Note 1 : Cultural issue is particularly contentious with regard to religious, spiritual or transpersonal experiences and beliefs, especially given the diversity involved across cultures, and are often not defined as disordered especially if widely shared, despite the fact that many could easily be seen as delusional from a “rational” point of view. There is also a more general overlap and ambiguity between clinical concepts and the realm of morality, and it has been argued that attempts to separate them cannot do so without altering the essence of what it means to be a particular person in society.

Note 2 : Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder or mental illness that involves severely disturbed moods, thoughts, and behaviors. Researchers aren’t certain exactly what causes schizophrenia. Many people with schizophrenias have lost touch with reality and can’t distinguish fact from fantasy.

The progression of schizophrenia is different for everyone: some people with schizophrenia experience one psychotic episode and go on to live a normal life while others never function independently and always struggle with auditory or visual hallucinations. Other people with schizophrenia experience occasional episodes of irregularity during their otherwise normal lives.

People with schizophrenia believe their hallucinations are real – and the rest of the world is crazy. This makes it difficult to communicate with them, or even attempt to help. Schizophrenia is very different from split personality, multiple personality, or disseminative identity disorder.

# In our society mental disorders are not paid attention to and it is not even considered an ailment to be treated – It becomes a Taboo – either one is left in to the Mad House or left in Jail where due to inadequacy of facility most are further distorted & perishes away with the passage of time and rate of rehabilitation is very small.

# We as a society in general have not learnt to handle an issue scientifically but apply dogmatic and extreme rulings without giving a trial of rehabilitation.

# With what have been said above , readers could review whether a psychological treatment was necessary to Yusuf & it still requires to his devotees if there is any left or he should have been hanged or killed ? A point of view prevails that Killing is not a solution , rather it leaves a negatively charged emotional impact and the members of such a cult find it unjustified, so they start the campaign of their belief more cautiously and secretly , instead if their leader is proven to be wrong and mentally rehabilitated for good, the members could then realize that it is not knowing of the mysterious Haqeeqat or reaching to the Miraaj ( Transcending ) but the Haqeeqat or Realm is that it is a Mirage they have been following.

# How ever the punishment was given for more than one case against him – because he followed a course which invites anger of Allah ( swt ) and so all his deed were wasted ( Quran 47 / 28 ).

# I personally feel that Yusuf trade off of the Haqeeqat with worldly wealth and substance and a few perversion and fantasy made people brake out of his clan and exposed him which lead him to gallows , other wise most of the rebellions would have continued with him in the state of intoxication of being superlative to others.

# There are many cases in Western and other non-Muslim world also where people declared themselves as Prophets , God or Bhagwaan in human uniform , re-incarnation of Jesus or some one high up from Alien world and had huge followings as well but at the end they all either destroyed themselves thru group suicidal attempts , or were eliminated by the Government law enforcement authorities. All those who were associated with such Cults were not uneducated masses male or female but students , highly qualified , professional , seasoned and experienced people of high positions as well – but to live in the world of FANTASY and the tendency to see and interpret every thing mysteriously made them loose every thing in this world and here after.

In such a Cult or Mafia all may not be a willing associate but a few can be inducted in by black mailing and captivated for various reasons or they may be fearful to break out from the group.

19. What is a Spiritual World and how can we be connected to this ?

This is a subject not easy to deal with in a few words – There is a huge world of Spirit , a different universe and every Prophet and Master of the spiritualism has his own perception and experience as well as common ones – Many queries are still unanswered despite of many philosophies and theologies from academic point of view – What is a soul and spirit ? What is Nafs , Qalb , Rooh , Kashf and Karamat ? What is the perception of different sects and religion about Soul and Spirit ? say in , Islam , Bahai , Budhism , Christian , Hindu , Jainism , Jew or Judaism , Sikh , Taoism and others. How this can be connected to Human Psychology ? What is Id , Ego , Super Ego , Unconscious and Conscious mind , Cognitivism , Humanism and Extentialism – All these need a probing mind and inner vision to comprehend it correctly.

In many religions and parts of philosophy, the soul is the immaterial part of a person. It is usually thought to consist of one’s thoughts and personality, and can be synonymous with the spirit, mind or self .In theology, the soul is often believed to live on after the person’s death, and some religions posit that God creates souls. In some cultures, non-human living things, and sometimes inanimate objects are said to have souls, a belief known as animism. The terms soul and spirit are often used interchangeably, although the former may be viewed as a more worldly and less transcendent aspect of a person than the latter. The words soul and psyche can also be treated synonymously, although psyche has relatively more physical connotations, whereas soul is connected more closely to metaphysics and religion.

Many evidences are there that through certain drill and meditation or even through passing on spiritual energies from one to another the spiritual world gets connected to any person and a new visionary & cognitive dimension is opened for him or her. This spiritual energy can be positive and negative, depending on the intention and purity of soul – As the Quran says : Taghoot takes you to pitch darkness where as ties and faith in Allah ( swt ) brings you to shower of Light or Noor. Among the Muslims those who totally deny : Moajazaat , Karamat , Kashf , Wijdaan , True dreams or Royaa Saadqa , or connection from Spiritual world which are symbolic to the hidden world from a common eye, are also misguided people.

Diley beena bhi kar Khuda sey talab : Aankh ka noor , Dil ka noor naheeN

I have to leave this subject here for any other time to discuss – insha-Allah.

20. Special Note : I have spend some time to write all above facts and the observation + perception candidly and truthfully is not for fun sake or for the character assassination of any or to cause any harm but sincerely to help any remains of the devotees of Yusuf or his Like, to pull them out of the world of FANTASY or to stop any potential candidate with psychological disorder unknown to him or her going to wrong direction but to get treated before it is late. I know that the facts above could not be a surprise to any of Yusuf core devotee but may be shocking for ignorant sympathizer and both may raise objections and even refute to prove that Yusuf Like is a Shaheed which is not a death really and the Noor has to continue , and I expect this to happen because such people are already in a state of self denial and denial of facts to cover their activity or guilt. It is time for them to accept that they were misguided and they must be penitent, do Astaghfar and submit to Allah ( swt ) for their salvation here after. Self realization is the best cure to all psychological and social problems – God blessings be unto all.

Caution : No one should use this document to gain any political mileage or to defame any one in person or quote the text out of it’s perspective for any ulterior motive.

I do realize that this report has become a bit lengthy for some one to go through with the same concentration but this is based on my personal experience and feelings and the purpose is to convey this to even Yusuf group members for their information and enlightenment so it had to be stretched to an extent where the episodes and events reaches the reader in precise detail – The other option is that Yusuf interpretation of Quran or of his philosophy should be condensed as Pointers and then replied and proven wrong through references from Quran and Hadeeth which is a scholastic work , and this may be produced at later stage if God is willing.

Allah ( swt ) is not harsh to any but it is the people who destroy themselves for doing wrong in this life ( Quran 10 / 44 ).

And, Allah ( swt ) is every where all the time with you where ever you go and he is all knowing (Quran – 57/4).

I would like to close this report with a comprehensive supplication ( Doa ) our beloved Prophet ( saw ) has taught us :

O, Allah – I seek from YOU among the Khair ( Blessings ) what your Nabi Muhammed ( saw ) asked for, and protection from YOU among the Sharr ( Evil ) what your Nabi Muhammed ( saw ) asked for – and YOU are the Helper & Provider for our need or supplication and there is no other power over and above YOU.( Ameen ).

Hesham Ahmed Syed.


  1. iqbal said,

    who is this zahid zamam hamid mentioned here, Is he the one linked with brasstacks and if this article is true then one should let all know about him and his past axxociation with this great liar . if not at least let us know then that this is not the same and please get Mr zahid hamids response to this . thank you

  2. pakpatriot said,

    yes it is the very same Zaid Hamid of brasstacks who has mesmerized the youth of Pakistan.

    He has been approached by many people for the same, but he dodges the allegations without answering any questions. It is for the readers to pursue the truth before following him blind-folded. Many have tried to confront him before about this….

  3. zahra said,

    Ok i agree with you completely on the point of yusuf kazzaba and i personally happen to know some jaali peers who claim to enchant their mureeds by taking RasoolAllah’s name and then take their money,jewellery etc and are interested in sexual favours etc too.
    about Rasool Allah being the noor of ALlah…the argument is a completely spiritual one and sufiya of silsilas such as the ghousia meheriya say that Allah created Rasool Allah from his nur and then everything was created from that…this noor is essentially our spirit and man’s struggle in the world is to nourish his spirit more tahn he nourishes his body.Having said this,the founder of this silsila was the one who revealed the reality of ghulam ahmed qadyaan,the false prophet.
    Now as far as Iqbal and Rumi and even Bulleh shah are concerned they were sufi poets and their poetry was completely in line with the Quran and SUnnah,your failure at understanding them does not mean that their poetry was not in the light of the quran and sunnah.
    Now as far as zaid hamid is concerned,i’ve met him personally,neither has he ever claimed to be the khalifah of any prophet,teh mahdi or a wali Allah for that matter.His msg is that of Loving Rasool Allah and by all menas showing loyalty to Rasool Allah and not zaid hamid.Also from time to time he tells ppl not to worship him but to believe in his ideology that is Islam and his Ishq Pakistan,the problem with it I can not identify! Moreover,i can not agree that he ever supported a man like Yusuf ALi not becasue he said so but because he endorses the love for RasoolAllah and doesnot ask for any kind of power or monetary favours.Also,i happen to be guided by a kamil Murshid and I genuinely believe taht Allah ahs given us all the power to differentiate and that Allah always guides me and that Zaid hamid is an Aashiq of Rasool ALlah,linking him up with a false prophet is propoganda and nothing else…he has not formed a cult…His teaching is Islam and Pakistan and if this is a cult then i am proud to be a member of it!

  4. iqtedar said,

    If you were a professional writer, you would not use abbreviations or initials without introducing the full name/term. Who are JZ and ZZ? You should not assume that the reader already knows who the initials you use refer to.

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