Khalid Khawaja- Nationalism or assbiyat in Muslims has led us to our current situation

January 4, 2010 at 2:37 pm (Global Issues, Interview, Islam, Pakistan, Politics) (, , , , )

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  1. Khalid Khawaja said,

    I would like to see the comments on this interview of mine and if anybody has some serious questions or observations I may be available to respond to questions.


    Khalid Khawaja

  2. pakpatriot said,

    thank you for you comment Khalid Khawaja Sahab,

    Its an honor to have you visit our page.

    My question or rather, my concern would be in relation to the title of this clip. What is your take on strategic stance of Pak army, allying with US to safe guard pakistan’s national interest?wouldn’t that count as assbiyat? while US forces brutally eliminate our muslim friends in afghanistan and pakistan, we are concentrating on nationalism through media campaign and on-ground measures? Is the pak army more afraid of wrath of US than the wrath of Allah?

    Also, we know that khorasan is the place of rise of imam mahdi’s army. Why is our army allying against it?

    Hope to hear back from you.


    • Khalid Khawaja said,

      Firdt of all the title is not given by me, but certainly the points you have raised, you have almost answered them yourself. The real problem is that we believe in Allah too and not in Allah alone. It is not only the Pak army but almost all the power pillers of our country have become slaves to the Americans due to their vested interests and they strongly believe taht it is not Allah but the Americans can secure their position and wealth and they are afraid of Americans as a muslim should be afraid of Allah.


  3. Amar Hashmi said,

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    Dear Khalid Khawaja Saab,

    Its high time people like you should come out in the open about this unholy alliance of our troops with the crusading forces and stop this murtad-takfiri allegations among the muslims to kill each other on behalf of the Americans.

    I would also like to have your view in regards to the propaganda that TTP are US/India/Israel agents. How much infiltration do you think the enemy has been able to do within the ranks of TTP? As against the local faithful youth that has been misguided due to the wrong policies of our government and army to ally itself with the crusaders? And What immediate solution do you think will get us out of this precarious situation we find ourselves in today?

    • Khalid Khawaja said,

      I am Alhamdulilah in open and Allah makes me openly speak the truth in front of these cruel rulers. mine was probably the first voice who came out describing Bush, Musharraf and like as the top terrorists and Usama as a man like angel in main media outlets like “60 minutes’, “News week” and Guardian etc. I was asked that caves are saving Usama and who will save you. I responded that Allah is saving Usama not the caves and He will save me as well and I shall not go underground. After that came september 11 and the Daniel pearl case and I was pressurized to go undergroud but Allah gave me the courage to keep speaking the truth openly. But the problem is that our national and international media is free only for those who speak his masters voice and most of the media serves some mini gods, and I am almost banned on most of the major media outlets. I consider the media as enemy weapon and whenever it comes to my hands after doing some actions with a major news values I use it in the best possible way to convey the message of truth.

      regarding infiltration it is very deep and from many years and ofcourse there is a lot in TTP as well as it is simpler to infiltrate in Maulvies, you will be astonished to know even some very top names are working for the Americans. There are many foreign converties who lived in Madrasssas for many years and being respected due to their convictions are in fact infiltraters. this is the major problem but Allah is helping us and inshallah will help us but only when we decide to….

  4. Khalid Khawaja said,

    we decide to submit to Allah alone and a few with the absolute faith will overcome all the conspirators. Soon you will see Inshallah situation getting better as what you observe people are aware of that and the remedies are being found and Inshallah we shall be able counter this lethal technique of the enemies of the humanity.

  5. Amar Hashmi said,

    Nice to see your replies.

    May Allah bless you and keep you safe from enemies of Islam.


  6. pakpatriot said,

    inshAllah truth will prevail and evil will perish. Pakistan needs chivalrous voices like yours who donot serve any agenda except that of Allah.

    May Allah keep you safe, and save all of us from this fog of deception and lies that we live amidst.

    JazakAllah khair for sharing your thoughts.

    • Khalid Khawaja said,

      The true prayers and our tears for Allah alone will be our best weapon Inshallah. I do not have much hope from any of our present leaders and people in the helm of affairs but the real hope is in our youth. I really find the real slaves of Allah in them and many of them are too pure see these 5 Americans and the kind of faith they have. but hard luck, even the top proven criminals find somebody to defend them rather but untill now there is hardly any voice to say that if the only crime these people have committed is that they believe in Jehad, this is not a crime. rather no body has a right to claim himself a muslim if he does not believe in Jehad. I filed a case in the High court asking them that is believing in Jehad a crime but the court avoided my question.

      we have to find ways to promote the truth as the media is all controlled by the peopel who wish to win over each others by half truth

  7. Khalid Khawaja said,

    thank you for your prayers of my safety but remember that death is the best safety for our life, as it just can not come a minute before its time, regardless of what we do, and the real life will start after our death. Death is supposed to be our beloved for both good and bad, as the good one will meet his Allah and have the best which he can not imagine in this life and the bad one will have less chance to commit sins. this is why the infidels are scared of us because they fight to live and we fight to die , how can they fight with us? the miseries which you see are only for the hypocrites, and our bad luck is that most of the people claiming to be muslims fall in the category of hypocrites and Allah promises only the worst for the hypocrites.

  8. pakpatriot said,

    khalid sahab,

    Please write for us, the whole truth, the way you know it. Your first hand knowledge.

    Internet is rapidly becoming a great forum for spreading awareness. Your interview with azaan tv is being circulated amongst the youth via facebook, twitter and e-mails. As are interviews of other people who dare to state the facts as they are.

    Please start writing as well. People want to know the truth. Its a pity there aren’t many in mainstream media who are ready to reveal the entire truth. As a result, we get to hear versions of the true story. the half truths.

    Allah guides those who have a sincere intention. He paves the way for them. InshAllah He will open a thousand doors for you to spread the truth. May Allah show us all the right path, and accept our efforts to please Him.

    our e-mail address is :

    we will feel honored to have an opportunity to publish your opinion on our website. And will also try to get it published on other websites that our working to spread the truth.

    • Khalid Khawaja said,

      It is a great pleasure to read your last comments. I have sent mails on your email regarding various lawsuits I have filed in the courts last month and I think if the courts have the courage the deside the cases on merits it can solve quite a few problems of our nation, we do need to create an awareness and use any media we can. Let us stay in touch ang you may like to google me on the net with different spellings like Khalid Khawaja and Khalid kwaja etc and we can start discussing any subjects which have been picked up and try and open some Dialouge and discussions which are forceful.

      Lets try and make a team to promote the truth and the reality. I shall try to be with you whatever capacity I have.



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