Dr. Israr Ahmed- Malakand is part of Khorasan and truth about Ghazawatul hind hadith

January 4, 2010 at 2:17 pm (Interview, Islam, Khilafa, Pakistan, Politics) (, , , , , )



  1. Dawood Khan said,

    There are no external security threats to Pakistan.

    Stop fighting for Kashmir.

    Stop supporting your own damn home grown little terrorist fags.

    Elect a truly democratic leader.

    Oust the Mullahs and reject Sharee’ah.

    Fire all radical Muslims from your Army and ISI and any other leadership position.

    Islam is THE true threat to Pakistan.

    Most of you are too damn illiterate and medieval minded to truly understand this FACT!

    And, yes, it is a fact.

    • Anonymous said,

      You are a disbeliever if you talk against Islam. You will be dealt on your resurrection

      • Allah said,

        I am God.

        Only idiots who talk about that which they do not know will be dealt with come the resurrection. Be careful what you say to my children.

        There are many paths to God. Islam is but one.

        There are many paths to the heavens. Islam is but one.

        Hate not. Hate is not a path to heaven.

      • Anonymous said,

        hes right islams not the problem so dont blame islam

        • Dawood Khan said,

          Islam is the problem but it is only one of the problems. Extreme illiteracy, corruption and superstition are problems as well.

      • Dawood Khan said,

        I hope they send you to deal with me upon my resurrection so that I will slay you.

    • BabaG said,

      @Dawood you are corrupt, you don’t know anything about Islam, if there is one enemy to Pakistan…IT IS YOU!

      • Anonymous said,

        Yes…to the corruption that is Pakistan, I am enemy.

        To people of love, dignity…I am friend.

    • umama said,


    • Anonymous said,

      Quraan say; They are deaf, dumb, and blind so they return not, (To the right path)

    • waqar said,

      wow, what do you know about kashmir and thier peace if you had a little sympathy for mankinds even being a human you wouldnt had commented as above….. and dont disguise your self with a muslim name , we know who you are…

      • Dawood Khan said,

        There are no Muslim names. There are names.

        I was given the name Dawood Khan by friends. I like it.

        You can kiss a dick if you don’t like it.

        How ya like that?

  2. MiciwAqo6 said,

    Good philosophy. I like it. Appreciate your sharing

    • Anonymous said,

      You are a disbeliever and who the hell are u to talk about Kashmir .Kashmiris are fighting for right to self determination for the past 63. more than 3 lakh people have died. Wars between India and Pakistan have been only fought for Kashmir . Thousands of your Armymen have died after Kashmir independence and you are telling your Sahadath has no meaning .People like u should be killed in your country .There r thousands like u in Pakistan who are the main threat to Pakistan rather than taliban

  3. Jonny Boy said,

    Anonymous, you are a cunt. It’s stupid fucks like you that fill the world with evil.

    I hope you die a thousand deaths and are tortured in the hereafter by Muslim Fags!!!

  4. BabaG said,

    @Johnny boy please go suck david camerons dick….u lot are just dumb…half the worlds problems are created by u english pigs

  5. Dawood Khan said,

    I know more about Islam than 99% of the Muslims whom I meet.

    I would say that most Pakistani Muslims know little to nothing about the Qu’ran.

    Kashmir is nothing more than a pawn in the political power play between India and Pakistan.

    If Islam is such a great religion, why must Muslims be compelled to be Muslim. Why do Muslim countries always have “police forces” designed to force Muslims to “act Muslim.”

    Islam has become nothing more than a fascist system that enslaves masses of people and you call that self determination.

    I’ve lived in several Muslim countries. Muslims are not allowed to be individuals in their own lands. They are compelled to act as “muslm” as the most radical person in the room upon threat of death or violence.

    That threat of violence is ever present in Muslim countries.

    Until Muslims no longer feel the need to police their brothers and sisters, Islam will continue to be a great evil and a threat to freedom and liberty.

    The shame of it is that Islam could be a wonderful and beautiful religion and a beacon of light and hope for the world. As long as the dominant strain of Islam is the Wahhabism or Salafism, Islam is a threat to all of the world.

    There is no way in hell that I would want to be a Muslim slave as most of you are.

  6. Dawood Khan said,

    I have seen Islam as it was meant to be. That Islam is not present in Central Asia.

    It is only present in individuals. These individuals believe and live their lives according to the Qu’ran. Yet, they do not feel the need to judge all others as corrupt or what have you.

    Any person who uses the word corrupt to denounce a fellow human being is a djinn. That person is a great evil in this world.

  7. gupta chaudry said,

    india belongs to muslims. pakistan bangladesh are regions of india as there was no such state before external influence in hindustan.

    • Dawood Khan said,

      India does not belong to Muslims. There were thriving civilizations in India long before Islam came along and became a Colonial oppressor.

  8. umama said,

    short and true

  9. Dawood Khan said,

    Why is Islamic Colonialism legal but Western Colonialism illegal in the minds of Muslims?

    The Jews are harangued for “colonizing and occupying” Israel. Yet, Muslims have colonized all corners of the world. Every Muslim city in India is an Islamic colony created by Muslim conquerors.

    If it is ok for Muslims to conquer and colonize, then it is fine for everyone else including the Jews.

    If Pakistan is legal, Israel is legal.

    Hindustan. The very name as given by Muslims tells the truth as to the original inhabitants from whom Muslims stole that land.

    • waqar said,

      Hindustan is not a name of religion its a name of a region , and we do accept israeeel , as one of the cities of Palestine.

      • Dawood Khan said,

        Who said that Hindustan was a name of a religion? Not I.

        Muslims do not accept Israel. Israel is a Nation. It’s not a city.

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