Suicide attacks in main cities of Pakistan is part of the comprehensive American strategy for Malakand and Waziristan operation

December 30, 2009 at 7:20 pm (Pakistan, Politics) (, )

By Imran Yousafzai

American agenda is obvious; carryout bomb blasts and suicide attacks in the main cities of Pakistan and extend the domain of civil war in Pakistan. Following this agenda America has already extended this war starting from Waziristan to Mohmand, Bajaur, Orakzai, Khyber, Malakand and Bannu. And now preparations are underway to extend it further to Southern Punjab. Besides New York Times and various other western media outlets “Honorary American ambassador” to Pakistan Rehman Malik has already declared southern Punjab to be the next Swat. The bizarre story the government want us to believe is that out of total 5000 “terrorist” of Swat, 7000 have already fled to Southern Punjab despite 2000 were allegedly killed during the military operation in Swat. Conducting suicide attacks at suitable times to stop the popular backlash against these American military operations is part of the American psychological war which is closely commanded by American general Petreaus and others who have quite an experience in implementing this policy in Iraq.

As part of the strategy, the government initially allows these militants to spread and violate the writ of the government as seen in Buner where the government organizations instructed the police to vacate the police stations before the arrival of militants in the area. Subsequently, the western funded NGO’s with the support of the media create a big hue and cry over the violation of the writ of the state thus providing the government with the excuse of “public pressure to act” enabling the government to launch a brutal military operations of the likes of Red Mosque and Swat operation whose aim was maximum human causalities and destruction of public property. The fallout of these operations is more people joining the militants to take revenge which in turn result into perpetuating the American plan of chaos. Furthermore, these militant shift to new area thus extending this civil war to those areas as well. Rawalpidi Chohr Chowk blast, killing of Dr. Naeemi, blast outside ISI office in Lahore and dozens of other such attacks are part of the American strategy to mould the public opinion in favour of military operations. Anybody with rudimentary political awareness knows that these bomb blasts only benefited America who managed to create favourable opinion for these operations. The band of Zardari, Gilani, Kiyani and Rehman Malik has handed over Pakistan’s control to America without firing a single shot. They have surrendered before American war and now they are on American payroll. The only practical solution to end this chaos is to expel America from the region which would suffocate all those producing chaos and instability and they will die their natural death. We ask the sincere policy makers and generals for how long will you tolerate this surrender and destruction of Pakistan? When will you expel America from the region by establishing the Khilafah? Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon the people of Pakistan to come out on the streets for the re-establishing of Khilafah and expelling America from the region. Only this will result in peace in Pakistan.


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