Wrecking Iran

November 22, 2009 at 12:11 am (Global Issues) ()

By Brian Cloughley

Daily Times

Determined to do the bidding of Israel, US legislators are intent on wrecking Iran by being even more malignantly coercive. The fact that sanctions will disadvantage America’s own devitalised economy does not matter to these grovelling puppets

India and Pakistan suffer from a lack of power sources. Their energy generation capabilities are being overtaken by consumer demand, and the trend will continue, perhaps to the point of crisis, if there is not swift action to acquire more energy sources.

The Delhi-based India Energy Portal records that “India’s consumption of natural gas has risen faster than any other fuel in the recent years…consumption has been met entirely through domestic production in the past. However, in the last 4-5 years, there has been a huge unmet demand for natural gas in the country.”

And Pakistan is in a similar state, perhaps even worse, so it is essential that both countries plan for future power needs, and one partial solution is the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline.

Iran and Pakistan are very keen on the pipeline, and signed a deal in June, but India, after initial enthusiasm, has been curiously reluctant to agree to its construction and terms of use. The ostensible reasons for this are cost, security concerns and so forth. But ever-present in US policy concerning anything to do with Iran is the baleful influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), with its tentacles in the murky world of intelligence, the Pentagon, Wall Street and Congress.

AIPAC’s dominance in Washington cannot be overstated. Its conference last May was attended by 6,500 supporters of Israel, including two thirds of members of the House of Representatives and half the Senate. No other organisation has got anything like the influence AIPAC wields in the United States. It works for Israel. And Israel wants to destroy Iran.

In this ambition, it has the unconditional support of countless US politicians and officials who carry out Israel’s wishes in regard to American policies.

An obvious means of bringing Iran to its knees and punishing its people is to wreck its economy, and one way of achieving this is to stop plans for pipelines.

A gas pipeline to India would help Iran’s economy, which Israel will not permit. And an Iran-Pakistan pipeline is evidence — to Israel — of a sinister Islamic alliance. It appears India has been so pressured that the project is dead so far as Delhi is concerned.

Pakistan seems to have been able to resist Washington’s arm-twisting, although funding for the project will be extremely difficult to obtain because of the manoeuvres of America’s legions of AIPAC-driven pro-Israel legislators.

They are intent on imposing further sanctions on Iran in order, they say, to stop what they allege to be a nuclear weapons programme. (Israel has about 400 nuclear bombs and warheads, but there is one law for Israel and another for everyone else.) So legislation on sanctions is before the US Congress, and it’s interesting to examine people pushing it so energetically.

Representative Mike Pence declares that “The time is now for Congress to enact the strongest possible sanctions against the regime in Iran.” This is the man who paid homage at AIPAC’s annual meeting by saying that “when I was first elected to Congress, Israel was already a priority to me. I really looked forward to being in a position where I knew I could help fulfil what I believed was not only right for America but the right thing to do.”

His Israel-centric priority is a bill to punish foreign firms dealing with Iran in its import of petroleum products. Iran has to import 40 percent of its petroleum fuel, and cutting supplies would cripple the country. Loony President Ahmadinejad and the demented mullahs won’t be affected because only the poor will suffer, as they always do when Western nations have fits of moral humbug and indulge in economic punishment. (The sanctions on Zimbabwe are a classic example: the murderous thug Mugabe swills back Scotch in luxury while people starve in squalor.)

The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Howard Berman, another leader in this spiteful piece of legislation, similarly licked AIPAC’s boots by announcing that “Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist.”

Just the man to advise on a balanced US policy in the Middle East.

As is the House Minority Leader, Representative John Boehner, a Jew who also toadied to AIPAC by saying that “The bonds of trust between Israel and America have never been stronger or more important than they are right now…God bless the State of Israel.” He might be Minority Leader, but he certainly knows who to follow.

Another prominent sanctioneer, the House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, is a Jew who declares that “Israel is not only a democratic ally and our only true friend in the Middle East; it is also a vital pillar of US national security strategy,” while insisting that Israel has the right to build illegal settlements on stolen Arab land, and that America’s main enemy is Iran.

Washington’s independent National Foreign Trade Council states that ending existing sanctions “would increase Iran’s total trade annually by as much as $61 billion…Iran would enjoy new service imports from the US and the European Union of about $1 billion, followed by substantial foreign investment in Iran’s service sector once economic policies are liberalised. The United States would also gain appreciably from normalisation…increased oil production by Iran could reduce the world price of crude petroleum by 10 percent, saving the United States annually between $38 and $76 billion…Opening Iran’s market place to foreign investment could also be a boon to competitive US multinational firms operating in a variety of manufacturing and service sectors.”

But that won’t happen. Determined to do the bidding of Israel, US legislators are intent on wrecking Iran by being even more malignantly coercive. The fact that sanctions will disadvantage America’s own devitalised economy does not matter to these grovelling puppets. Israel wins all the time, because AIPAC can order the United States Congress to jump through hoops like performing poodles.


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  1. Brian Curdy said,


    Wrecking Iran-or wrecking the United States? The latter’s foreign and domestic policies appear to be hell-bent on state suicide.
    I wonder where the rats will try to swim when their ship goes down?

    Brian E. Curdy
    1stLt USMC (Disability Retired.)

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