Heaven in Hell

November 20, 2009 at 8:11 am (Islam, Pakistan)

By Saira Mahmood

Tell me, what do you see, when you think of us? Do you imagine us engulfed in flames? Do you see our roads burn bright red with the blood of our own people? Do you hear the screams, the sirens and the wails of despair? Do you see us lost, misguided and hopeless? Do you see us weak? Do you think that we turned on each other? And do you believe that inside we rot with bitterness and hate? Do you see our lands barren and cracked? Do you see us incapable of protecting what is ours? Do you see our hope crumbling and our resolve shattering?

You see so much and yet you see nothing. You are blind, for you do not see our beauty and our pride. Have you not seen our hearts? They are made of gold. Strong, pure and shining with hope and courage. Have you not seen our passion? Which shines with the bright hot intensity of a thousand stars, the passion which we have for our land. Have you not witnessed our strength? The strength which brought our enemies to their knees and at the thought of which they still tremble with fear? Have you not seen our determination? Which has not crumbled in the most difficult of times? You have, and it still makes you tremble! You have seen it before, and you will see it again! We are on a path, leading to a glorious future! Look through the blood, through the pain, through the tears and you will see! You will see what we see and you will see what we fight to protect. 

Do you not see the magnificent mountains on our land? Their peaks reaching up towards the heavens.So strong, so tall and so very proud! These glorious mountains represent our ummah, this is what we strive to protect! Do you not see the ocean we are blessed with? The magnificent sheet of a beautiful blue colour that extends beyond the horizon. This endless ocean represents our ummah, this is what we strive to protect.Do you not see our fields? Which paint extraordinary portraits over acres of our land? The green, the yellow the brown mixed together like paints in a palette .In perfect harmony, complimenting each other and leaving the human eye astounded. The diversity and harmony of these fields represents our ummah, and this is what we strive to protect!

You know so much, yet you know so little, or rather, you know so much yet you understand so little! How is it that you don’t see the hope? How can you not feel its intensity? Why do you not feel its passion? So strong and so immortal! How can you not feel the devotion and the love? You see only what you want to see. You see us in hell, while we, we know that we are in heaven and you cannot expect us to give up heaven without a fight!


  1. Shumaila said,

    Good job Syra…..

  2. komal said,

    awesome write up!!!!

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